Exporting Emails from Time Matters


There's a secret to getting multiple emails out of Time Matters. This post explains how to do it.

Use the Time Matters Email List

You'd think the best place to export Emails that are linked to a Matter would be in the Email tab of the Matter. You can do that, but all the Emails will end up in one big PDF file broken into pages. Unfortunatelythere won't be page breaks between the Emails - just a horizontal line. Follow the steps below to separate the Emails so each one starts on its own page.

Selecting and Previewing the Emails

  1. Go to the Main Email List:  Main Menu | Mail | Email List | All Email
  2. Use the Search Menu to filter the Emails, for example, by Matter Name or Matter Number.
  3. Tag the Emails. Ctrl-T will tag all the Emails in your filtered display.
  4. Click the Printer icon just above the list.
  5. Choose Standard Email in the right panel.
  6. Click the Options tab in that panel.
  7. Check the box:  Page break between printing email records
  8. Click Preview

Save the Time Matters Emails to PDF

  1. Click on File | Save as PDF
  2. Enter a file name and save.

Now you have all the Email in one big PDF file with page breaks between the Emails.

If you need to have each Email in its own file, you can laboriously extract them with a paid version of Adobe Acrobat or a PDF alternative like Nitro Pro or Foxit, but there is a free utility that can do the job.

A free and open source software program, PDFSAM - https://pdfsam.org - allows you to enter page number where you want to split the big PDF file into individual Email files.



Use the Split after the following page numbers option to break up the big PDF file.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to this Time Matters feature:

  • It does not export attachments
  • You cannot select Emails that total more than about 110 pages.

The Time Matters program does not have a way around these limitations. i have contacted some talented Time Matters utility developers who can supply superior utilities. Please let me know if you are interested in a more automated way of extracting Emails and their attachments from Time Matters.

-- Wells H. Anderson - 800.575.0007 - Send us an email...