Go Paperless - Get Rid of Closed Files

Got file cabinets and bankers boxes in storerooms, closets or basements? That's so 20th century. They are taking up valuable space and are at risk of loss to fire, storm, flood, theft and plain old mildew. At moving time, who wants to lug all those files and where will you put them?

Docufree.com in Atlanta offers a nationwide service for outsourcing the digitization and storage of all those old files. All you do is put your files in bankers boxes. They do all the rest.


Docufree will:

  • Pick up the boxes
  • Prep and scan the files
  • Convert them to PDFs and TIFFs
  • Perform OCR
  • Store them digitally and online
  • Shred or return the originals (Go for the shred option - that's the point!)
  • No more boxes!

What about Security?

Docufree has a bunch of certifications:  PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SSAE 16 SOC2 Type II, and CompTIA Trustmark.

Still paranoid? You can opt to have them do the scanning in your office.

Want to be really amazingly paperless going forward? Not paranoid? Have Docufree intercept all your incoming paper in their office or yours. They'll digitize it and deliver it securely to you.

An extra benefit of digitizing all your paper is that you can access your own valuable work product much more easily. Who takes the time to dig through old files for a gem created earlier unless it is really worthwhile to spend the time? In OCRed form, you can find all sorts of material instantly.

We haven't tried Docufree services but have heard good things about them from clients.

Are your electronic documents a mess? I can help with that. Call me at 800-575-0007.

-- Wells H. Anderson