Time Matters 16.2.1 Re-released - New Features

Updated Oct. 19, 2017 - Time Matters 16.2.1, re-released Sep. 5, 2017, fixes the final key issues in version 16. I have tested this point release and now generally recommend upgrading to Time Matters 16.2.1.

Here are new features that are working in Time Matters 16.2.1:


Time Matters Additions

The Weekly and Monthly Calendar views have a neat new feature. If there are more Events than can fit into the box for a day, a triangle icon appears at the bottom of the box. Click that icon to pop-up a window listing Events for that day. You can even pop-up multiple boxes for multiple days. That's helpful when you want to see all that is going on in the next few days. But consider the Work Week view for that purpose, too. It shows the holes in your Calendar.

When viewing reports, Time Matters remembers the last zoom setting used. This improvement is especially useful for viewing Invoices before printing or emailing them. We always choose Page Height for reviewing Invoices.

Billing Matters Additions

The Time Sheet gives you the path of least resistance for entering Time Records. Now you can add a Billing record on the Time Sheet, open the record and start its timer. That Billing record it can remain open and optionally minimized as you work in other parts of the program.

BillFlow Manager can preserve the tags on records after running Prebills so you don't have to tag them again when you run Bills.