A Better Time Matters Website

Announcing Our New Website!

So that you can more conveniently view everything about Time Matters and cloud practice management, we have totally revamped our website.

What's Better:

  • Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to view Blog posts and articles. We're responsive!
  • Easily email us a question from any device. To send us and email, Click Here...
  • Navigate faster with our new top menu.
  • Use our new Search Box:

New vs. Old

I like the new look better. Do you? Let me know with an email:  

Active Practice Website 1.0

Active Practice Website 2.0

Active Practice 3.0

I have to admit that I feel some nostalgia for the "old days" when things weren't as complicated. But back then it was hard to tweak webpages and painstaking to update them. The new tools are quite something. We use Squarespace. What a step up!

If you spot any broken links or other issues, please call 800.575.0007 or send me an email:
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Thank you!