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What Is ActionStep?

ActionStep Cloud-based practice management organizes all of your information and streamlines how you work. It puts everything in one place: Calendars, Contacts, Matters, Documents, Tasks, Timekeeping, Billing and Accounting, and more.

ActionStep has an unmatched Workflow system that works for legal practice areas, governmental and professional offices. It automates routine tasks: creating documents and Emails, tracking deadlines, collecting client information and more. ActionStep organizes your work and makes you and your office more productive.

Would ActionStep Work Better for You?

Unlike many other Web-based systems, ActionStep can be highly customized to your practice areas and types of work. It has a Workflow system that can ensure all the important steps are taken, information is collected, and tasks are completed on time.

With ActionStep you get:

  • NO problematic links between programs
  • NO time-consuming upgrades and bug-fix installation
  • NO maintaining and upgrading database software and servers
  • NO problems installing software or moving it to new computers

Question about ActionStep? Ask Us

Call: 800.575.0007

What Can ActionStep Do for You?

  • Give you fast access to all your client and practice information in one place
  • Organize all your client and matter documents, e-mails, deadlines, time records - everything
  • Improve your efficiency with built-in timekeeping, invoicing and full accounting
  • Free you from time-consuming, problematic software upgrades
  • Make your technology expenses simpler and more predictable

How is ActionStep Better?

  • ActionStep is more powerful and complete than other PC software and Web-based practice management systems
  • ActionStep works on both PCs and Macs
  • ActionStep creates and manages documents faster
  • ActionStep lets you automate and assemble documents easily
  • ActionStep delivers built-in, full-featured accounting, timekeeping and billing
  • ActionStep is highly customizable to your particular practice areas
  • ActionStep has more powerful features for advanced automation of law offices

How Secure Is Cloud Practice Management Using ActionStep?

  • Your client information is safer in ActionStep than on a typical office network
  • ActionStep Web servers are protected and monitored by state-of-the-art technologies and enterprise-grade encryption, hardware and practices
  • Your information is automatically and securely protected by geographically redundant backups
  • For more see: ActionStep Security

Is ActionStep Better than (Brand X) Practice Management Software?

  • We can help you answer that question if you tell us about your practice and technology.
  • If you have extensively customized your current software and are happy with it, the answer may be No.
  • ActionStep works anywhere on Apple Mac, iPad, PC, Android tablets, and laptops.
  • ActionStep offers many advantages over PC-based software: Everything in one place; No more upgrades; Built-in timekeeping and legal accounting
  • Computer problems, power outage, other disasters? Use your laptop anywhere you have Internet access and you are back in business.

How Can I Get My Client Data Out of ActionStep?

  • You are not locked in with ActionStep. You may download all of your client information to your PC in standard Microsoft Excel format files using a two-step backup option.
  • You can selectively export Contacts, Matters, Tasks, etc. at any time to data files on your computer.
  • If there is a problem with the primary Amazon server, your complete ActionStep system will be available promptly on a backup server

Where Can I Learn More about ActionStep?

  • Call me, Wells Anderson, at 800.575.0007 - I will be happy to answer your specific questions.
  • provides overviews, details, and videos
  • Ask me about upcoming Webinars on ActionStep

Call 800.575.0007 or send us your questions using the Web form, above.

Wells H. Anderson, J.D.

ActionStep Certified Consultant

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