Fix Time Matters Save in Acrobat

Today a release of Adobe Acrobat broke the Time Matters Save button. Here is a fix. The code is courtesy of Tom Caffrey.

Heads Up: This fix changes the Windows Registry. It worked fine for me, but your results may vary. The most cautious approach is to perform an image backup of your computer. Second most cautious approach is to back up the Windows Registry.


To fix the issue:

Copy the following line by highlighting it (triple-click on any word) and pressing Ctrl-C:

Reg Add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\19.0\Privileged" /v bProtectedMode /t Reg_Dword /d 0
  1. Now type cmd in the Windows Search box (lower right corner of Desktop).

  2. Right-click on Command Prompt

  3. Choose Run As Administrator and click OK

  4. Right-click at the prompt and choose Paste

  5. Press Enter

Repeat these steps on each computer.

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Fix the Time Matters Outlook Add-In

Here is a fix for the Outlook Add-In that lets you save Outlook e-mails into Time Matters.

The Connect as Email button and the Time Matters tab may disappear from Outlook 2010 because Outlook has disabled the LexisNexis Practice Management Integration.

Updated 6/5/2018
To re-enable the LexisNexis Add-In, follow the steps illustrated here:




Certificate Expiration for TM Add-Ins

Certificates for Time Matters add-ins for some programs expired on 6/23/2012. You will probably be affected if (1) You are using any version of Time Matters before 11.1 SP1, AND (2) You use TM links, such as TM Save in MS Word or TM Connect in Outlook. Expect these links to stop working after 6/23/2012, unless you have updated to Time Matters 11.1 Service Pack 1 or applied a fix for TM9, TM10, TM11 or TM11.1 without SP1.
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Preventing Time Matters Crashes - Sublists

If you have Time Matters 10 and are experiencing consistent crashing, it may be due to a new setting. To change the setting:

  • Go to: Main Menu | File | Setup | General | Program Level | Forms
  • In the center, change "Display 100 records..." to "Display 1,000 records..."

This setting controls how many records are pre-fetched for Sublists. Sublists are the lists of records that appear on Contact forms, Matters forms, and other forms. The Sublists have tabs named: Related, Notes, Documents, etc.