Preventing Time Matters Crashes - Sublists

If you have Time Matters 10 and are experiencing consistent crashing, it may be due to a new setting. To change the setting:

  • Go to: Main Menu | File | Setup | General | Program Level | Forms
  • In the center, change "Display 100 records..." to "Display 1,000 records..."

This setting controls how many records are pre-fetched for Sublists. Sublists are the lists of records that appear on Contact forms, Matters forms, and other forms. The Sublists have tabs named: Related, Notes, Documents, etc.

Fixed Fee Billing Records

You can create AutoEntry Forms to fill in Billing records for fixed fee or flat fee services in Billing Matters. One path to greater profitability is to automate some processes and charge fixed fees for certain a la carte services. Here you see step-by-step instructions for creating the AutoEntry Forms and the trick to using them.
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Adding a Web Field

It makes sense that a Web field on a Time Matters record lets you jump to a Webpage, but did you know it can also let you instantly open a client document? Adding a Web field to a Contact Form or other Time Matters Form allows you store a Website address and jump directly to a Webpage by clicking the Web icon next to the field. You can use the Web field type for a field that opens a specific client document, such as a matter summary in MS Word, with one click.
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