PDF File from a Word Document

Create a PDF File Fast in Time Matters

You can quickly create both a PDF file and a Document record from a Word document using a handy Time Matters feature. Right-click on any Word document listed on the Document tab of a Contact or Matter. Then choose "Create PDF" and voila!, you have a PDF file with the same name listed at the top of the Document list.

Note: On some PCs, this feature pops up a file selection window. There is a fix for that issue. It involves either deleting the Time Matters Private Driver from the Printer list for Windows and then creating a PDF from within Time Matters or - and this is more complicated - running Windows Registry files to fix the bug. Let us know if you need the Create PDF feature fixed!

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Practice Management Assessment and Action Plan
To become more efficient, organized and profitable, start by completing a focused Practice Management Assessment. You identify the areas where you will benefits most from improvements in how you use your practice management software. Next, create a concise Action Plan with follow dates. Do it on your own or by working with us over the phone. Then implement your Action Plan on your own or with our assistance.
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