Billing Matters 14.1 Invoice Emails

In Time Matters/Billing Matters 14 and 14.1, when you use the option to send a Billing Matters invoice via Email using default text for the Email message, the text loses all carriage returns. Also, only the first Email in a batch of selected Matters is related to a Contacts and a Matter.

My work-around is to avoid the option for a Default Email Message and instead complete each billing Email, one at a time, using a Formattable Clipboard. Billing Matters will generate all the billing Emails with a Subject (set in Billing Preferences on the Accounts Receivable tab) and a blank body. Opening each Email and applying a Formattable Clipboard does three things: (1) Fills in the body of the Email with carriage returns, and (2) Lets you manually relates the Email to the Contact and Matter; and (3) Allows the automatic use of the client's First Name via a linked field in the Formattable Clipboard.

Fixed Fee Billing Records

You can create AutoEntry Forms to fill in Billing records for fixed fee or flat fee services in Billing Matters. One path to greater profitability is to automate some processes and charge fixed fees for certain a la carte services. Here you see step-by-step instructions for creating the AutoEntry Forms and the trick to using them.
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