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Bad News for Windows XP Users

Beginning on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide updates to fix newly-discovered vulnerabilities in Windows XP. While security software vendors will continue to provide updates, those updates will not protect against holes in the Windows XP operating system.

We recommend replacing Windows XP computers before April 8.

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Time Matters 13 Requirements

Time Matters 13 Third Party Software Requirements

While Time Matters still works on Windows XP computers, the Windows XP operating is far less secure than Windows 7 and Windows 8 now. As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft security updates for Windows XP will no longer be released.

If you are still using Windows XP, you cannot install Word 2013, Excel 2013 and other Office 2013 applications.

Word and Outlook 2003 are no longer supported for Time Matters version after 11.


Time Matters Known Issues List

LexisNexis has started publishing a public Known Issues List for Time Matters here:

At this writing only some Target Issues are listed. More issues will be published as the LexisNexis team works through their list.

The article on each Known Issue describes the issue and sometimes offers a work-around.


Create an Abbreviation with PhraseExpress

Here is my path of least resistance for creating a PhraseExpress abbreviation or "Autotext" that will expand into the whole word as soon as you type it.

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Windows 8 Hotkeys

Windows 8 hotkeys or shortcut keys include:

  • Windows Key + Tab - Opens up the left-hand "Switch List"
  • Windows Key + C - Opens up the right-hand Charms Bar
  • Windows Key + I - Opens up the Settings Menu
  • Windows Key + T - Jumps you back to Desktop Mode and cycles through your open windows on the taskbar.
  • Windows Key + Shift + . - Docks the app to the left, middle, or right side of the screen with each press.
  • Windows Key + M - Jumps to the Desktop and minimizes all applications
  • Windows Key + Q - Opens up Windows 8's global search utility within Metro

Searching with Windows Explorer

To narrow your searches for specific files or folders using Windows Explorer, you can add filters after your search word, for example, type:folder.

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Future-Proof Filenames

Future-proof your files by avoiding the use of "illegal" punctuation characters in filenames for documents, spreadsheets and other files.

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Start and Stop Time Shortcuts in Event Records

In Event records, a Duration is required in Time Matters 12 Service Pack 2. This post shows examples of time-saving shortcuts for entering times and durations.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Works with Time Matters

You can use Time Matters to efficiently scan documents with any scanner that creates PDF files, including the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500.

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Events with Zero Duration - No Stop Time

In Time Matters 12 Service Pack 1, each Event on the Calendar needs a Start Time and a Stop Time. Here are some shortcuts for dealing with that requirement.

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Backup Error - Executing SQL directly; no cursor

Here are three solutions to issues that cause a MS SQL Server backup of Time Matters or other SQL databases to fail with the error message: "Executing SQL directly; no cursor."

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Ziptr Secure Email and File Sharing Service Closes

Ziptr is closing its doors. This innovative service for securely sharing Email messages and files offered an excellent free service, but did not "go viral" as it needed to succeed.

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Heads Up - Do Not Install Office 2013 64-Bit

When installing MS Office, including MS Office 2013, do not choose the 64-bit option. The 64-bit versions have problems with add-ins, including with the Time Matters links.

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Changing the Time Matters - Exchange Synchronization Frequency

The Time Matters Exchange Synchronization interval is set by default at 60 seconds. You can change the interval to, for example, 300 seconds (5 minutes), to spare your server from working so hard.

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Billing Matters Zero Balance Invoices

This Billing Matters post explains how to avoid printing or Emailing zero balance invoices that simply show a payment in full of the last invoice and a balance of $0.00.

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Disable Protected View in Word 2010

This post explains how to disable the Protected View warning for Word documents you open or download from the Internet. That spares you from the annoyance of having to click an Edit button in a warning bar in order to edit a Word document.

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Time Matters 13 Expected in October

Expected in October, 2013, Time Matters 13 adds a secure client portal for sharing documents you select.

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Ross Kodner, legal technology trailblazer, died at age 52

Sad News - July 30 - Ross Kodner, legal technology trailblazer, died at age 52.
Ross was an early, engaging, prolific advocate for legal technology. When I started our consulting business in 1996, I reached out to the leading legal technologists of the time, Ross Kodner and Jim Eidelman. They both were most generous in offering extensive, invaluable advice, then and later. I am so grateful to both of them and saddened at the loss of Ross. Read Craig Ball's eloguent tribute to Ross.


Too Many Records on Matter Sublists?

Upgrading to a new Service Pack or version of Time Matters can cause the display settings for records that appear on the sublists of Matters to change. The result can be that too many records appear on the tabs (sublists) of Matter Forms. Here is how to fix the setting.

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TM12 Service Pack 2 Precautions

Are you using MS Word 2003 or Outlook 2003 and the Time Matters links - TM Save, TM Connect, etc.? If so, you need to upgrade to a newer version (MS Office 2007 SP2, 2010 or 2013) before installing Time Matters 12 Service Pack 2.

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