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Calendar View for Multiple Staff

The new Time Matters calendar is more appealing and more similar to the Microsoft Outlook calendar, but it is limited when viewing the schedules for more than seven staff an once.

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TM Word Macro Updates

Updated Microsoft Word macros are available for Time Matters. They eliminate the message in Word that says the Lexis VeriSign certificate expired on 1/23/2015. Download the macro file...

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Outlook 2007 Time Matters Link Fix

After installing Time Matters 14, a Redemption Helper Outlook Extension error may occur when opening Outlook 2007. This post shows how to fix it.

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Document Indexer Exclusions

The Document Indexer gives you lighting fast searches through the full text of all your documents. To minimize clutter in your search results and reduce the processing time of the Document Indexer for Time Matters, here are some file extensions to add to the exclusions list.

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Contact Duplicate Check

Check for an existing duplicate contact when adding a new contact. Check a box in User Level Setup to enable this automatic check.

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Outlook Connect Options

This tip shows you how to prevent or allow the Connect as Document button from appearing in MS Outlook.

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Share Documents Securely

You can share documents securely with clients and others using Time Matters 13 and later. Two aspects of this service set it apart from alternatives: (1) It makes receiving documents really easy for your clients. (2) It allows you to send documents quickly from within Time Matters.

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PDF File from a Word Document

Create a PDF File Fast in Time Matters

You can quickly create both a PDF file and a Document record from a Word document using a handy Time Matters feature. Right-click on any Word document listed on the Document tab of a Contact or Matter. Then choose "Create PDF" and voila!, you have a PDF file with the same name listed at the top of the Document list.

Note: On some PCs, this feature pops up a file selection window. There is a fix for that issue. Let us know if you need it!


ActionStep Pronouns in Document Templates

ActionStep has powerful options for inserting pronouns into merged documents. Pronouns (he, she, her, theirs, etc) depending on the gender and number of participants (contacts).

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Fee Agreement Form

You can reduce non-billable time by automating frequently used document. A good place to start is your Fee Agreement form or Engagement Agreement form. You may want to use our free, downloadable Fee Agreement form as a source of some terms for your form or as a draft for creating your form.

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