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Fix for TMSave in Word 2013

How to fix the broken TMSave feature and other links resulting from a Microsoft Office update to Office 2013.

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Adobe Acrobat and Time Matters

Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Reader DC do not work with Time Matters (at this writing), but you can still save PDF files to Time Matters. Another option is to uninstall the DC version and install an older version using one of the links listed here.

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Fix the Time Matters Outlook Add-In

Here is a fix for the Outlook Add-In that lets you save Outlook e-mails into Time Matters.

The Connect as Email button and the Time Matters tab may disappear from Outlook 2010 because Outlook has disabled the LexisNexis Practice Management Integration.

To re-enable the LexisNexis Add-In, follow the steps illustrated here:




Time Matters 15 Makes Great Improvements

Time Matters 15 will deliver some vital, eagerly awaited changes. It is expected early in the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Backup Failure Fix for Time Matters 14.1

You may get an error message when you try to run a backup from the Time Matters Main Menu after upgrading to Time Matters 14.1 from Time Matters 13.2 or earlier. It takes just two minutes to apply a fix, but requires the use of and familiarity with SQL Server.

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Billing Matters 14.1 Invoice Emails

In Time Matters/Billing Matters 14 and 14.1, when you use the option to send a Billing Matters invoice via Email using default text for the Email message, the text loses all carriage returns. Also, only the first Email in a batch of selected Matters is related to a Contacts and a Matter.

My work-around is to avoid the option for a Default Email Message and instead complete each billing Email, one at a time, using a Formattable Clipboard. Billing Matters will generate all the billing Emails with a Subject (set in Billing Preferences on the Accounts Receivable tab) and a blank body. Opening each Email and applying a Formattable Clipboard does three things: (1) Fills in the body of the Email with carriage returns, and (2) Lets you manually relates the Email to the Contact and Matter; and (3) Allows the automatic use of the client's First Name via a linked field in the Formattable Clipboard.


Change Document Paths

You can change the file paths in your Time Matters Document records all at once. You might need to do that after moving your document to a new server.

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Fix for Missing Buttons - Workstation Level Setup

Use Workstation Level Setup to fix the Time Matters Add-Ins buttons for MS Outlook, Acrobat, MS Word and other MS Office programs.

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Billing Matters Sent Email Clean-Up

E-mails can build up in your Time Matters Personal Inbox in the Sent folder and slow down your Personal Inbox. This advanced tip gives you a way to rapidly remove Sent e-mails from your Personal Inbox.

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Calendar View for Multiple Staff

The new Time Matters calendar is more appealing and more similar to the Microsoft Outlook calendar, but it is limited when viewing the schedules for more than seven staff an once.

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