LexisNexis Firm Manager Overview

DISCONTINUED February 2017

For practice management in the cloud, LexisNexis recommends Time Matters software running on a hosted server and hosted PCs.


LexisNexis Firm Manager participated in the creation of our Cloud Practice Management Comparison spreadsheet. Detailed information about LexisNexis Firm Manager features is available in the spreadsheet. Each vendor participating in our review of cloud practice management applications submitted additional material about their service. Here is the material from LexisNexis Firm Manager.

LexisNexis Firm Manager

LexisNexis Firm Manager® is a fast, intuitive, cloud-based practice management solution built for -- and more importantly, by -- solo and small firm attorneys to work the way they do. And yes, to help them build the practice of their dreams. Besides the staples of practice management solutions that manage your clients, contacts, matters, documents and calendar, LexisNexis Firm Manager offers an advanced task management tool, time and expense capture, robust conflict of interest module, a secure 3rd party document sharing and digital rights management tool, and a global search that searches what you’ve entered, but also any information in files you’ve uploaded to the application.

With LexisNexis Firm Manager it is easy to solve three important billing related problems faced by small law firms:

  1. Track time, costs, and trust funds
  2. Send invoices clients will pay
  3. Get paid

And because it is a cloud solution, more robust billing functionality will be rolled out monthly, including advanced invoicing, WIP, A/R, integrations, reporting and mobile billing.

The top 10 reasons why solo and small law firms like using LexisNexis Firm Manager are:

  1. Easy to use, Intuitive & fast
  2. Organized the way you work
  3. Office-style calendaring
  4. Drag & drop document uploading
  5. Safe & secure file sharing
  6. All-inclusive conflict of interest search
  7. Search like the leading search engine
  8. Accessible from your mobile devices & tablets
  9. Finds the work you haven’t billed
  10. Developed by LexisNexis® so you have confidence & support from an industry leader.

Tasks in LexisNexis Firm Manager can be managed by user preference to include: Priority, Due Date and Estimated Time to Complete to provide predictability and visibility into time crunches, and an ability to proactively manage your time. Tasks can be assigned to others, and users can select the status to manage what's been started, completed, or where their deluges may need some help.

For features and benefits, see: firmmanager.com/features-and-benefits

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