ActionStep Pronouns in Document Templates

ActionStep will substitute pronouns (he, she, her, theirs, etc) depending on the gender and number of participants (contacts) linked into documents using variables and formatting codes.

Here is an example of the code for a pronoun:


For an individual participant, that code will be converted to "I" in the merged document.

The first element, Pronoun1 in the above example, specifies that the pronoun is Subjective (I, we, ...), Objective (me, us, ...), etc., according to the table of options, below.

The second element, pn=1st in the above example, specifies whether the pronoun is first, second or third person. Options are: pn=1st, pn=2nd, or pn=3rd.

The third element, pt=Client_Primary_Contact, specifies the Participant.

Whether the Participant is Male or Female is determined by the participant's Gender in his or her Contact record. Singular or plural is controlled by the use of ActionStep Repeat coding.

Pronoun1SubjectiveI, we, you, he, she, it, they
Pronoun2Objectiveme, us, you, him, her, it, them
Pronoun3Possessive, your, our, his, her, its, their
Pronoun4Poss. Pronounmine, ours, yours, his, hers, its, theirs

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