PDF File from a Word Document

Create a PDF File Fast in Time Matters

You can quickly create both a PDF file and a Document record from a Word document using a handy Time Matters feature. Right-click on any Word document listed on the Document tab of a Contact or Matter. Then choose "Create PDF" and voila!, you have a PDF file with the same name listed at the top of the Document list.

Note: On some PCs, this feature pops up a file selection window. There is a fix for that issue. It involves either deleting the Time Matters Private Driver from the Printer list for Windows and then creating a PDF from within Time Matters or - and this is more complicated - running Windows Registry files to fix the bug. Let us know if you need the Create PDF feature fixed!

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Run the Data Indexer Automatically

The Time Matters Data Indexer is the engine behind the Search Box, Conflicts Search and Global Search. But the Data Indexer will run on the first PC that opens Time Matters and can slow down that PC. You can set up the Data Indexer to run automatically on a computer of your choice, usually the server. Using this method does not use up a Time Matters user license.
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Reduce Backup Bloat

If your Time Matters backup files become unnecessarily large, their size may interfere with performing regular backups. They can waste your time and disk space. Here are steps you can take to reduce backup bloat. Use another program to backup your document files and skip the Document Files when running a Time Matters backup. If you use Time Matters Professional, watch out for and delete any "Z_" files that may be left over from unsuccessful backups.
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