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Practice Management Assessment and Action Plan
To become more efficient, organized and profitable, start by completing a focused Practice Management Assessment. You identify the areas where you will benefits most from improvements in how you use your practice management software. Next, create a concise Action Plan with follow dates. Do it on your own or by working with us over the phone. Then implement your Action Plan on your own or with our assistance.
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Getting More Done

With Time Matters you can implement a streamlined system for managing and delegating tasks. In today's Webinar, I described some of the key ideas of Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, and David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, and explained how you can apply them using Time Matters. Here are the slides that were used to introduce these principles and cite the resources.
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Alarms for ToDos

Time Matters ToDo's can help you cope with the demands you face each day. The Alarm feature can call your attention to your most important ToDo's. An Alarm plays a sound through your computer speaker and pops up a window in the middle of your screen to remind you of an important ToDo. The window shows you the Description of the ToDo and lets you press a Snooze button for 1, 5, 15 or 30 minutes.
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Reminder ToDo Records

Some tasks, such as filing before the expiration of a Statute of Limitations, require special attention. Time Matters can remind you well in advance of a deadline if you use the Reminders field and Alerts, Reminders and Watches feature. For simple reminders, that may be enough. But for critical dates, you can use a special type of ToDo record to remind you to take action ahead of time. Here we describe how to create and use Reminder ToDo's.
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