Conversion to Time Matters 15

Planning to Convert to to Time Matters 15?

Guide: Conversion to Version 15

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This guide is highly valuable for anyone and any organization planning to upgrade to Time Matters 15. Whether or not you work with a consultant, the guide can help save you time and money by informing you and assisting you in preparing for the conversion.

Completely Revised - The guide contains new information, advice, and updated step-by-step instructions on installing Time Matters 15 and linking third-party programs to TM15. It includes screenshots for key installation aspects, setting up Secure Document Sharing, and Scheduled Time Matters Backups.

Time Matters has a wide range of customizations, options, and links. Conversion to Version 15 provides in-depth conversion advice and instructions. Topics covered include:

  • Overview - Conversion Process Step-by-Step
  • Upgrade Now or Later?
  • Planning the Conversion to Version 15
  • Preparing for Conversion
  • Pre-Conversion Precautions
  • Installation of Time Matters 15
  • Post Installation
  • Fixed Issues in Time Matters and Billing Matters 15
  • Known Issues in Time Matters and Billing Matters 15
  • Help Resources for Time Matters

Conversion to Version 15 supplements the instructions contained in the Time Matters and Billing Matters Upgrade Guide by LexisNexis. You will find recommendations, precautions (*Heads Up*) and details that go beyond the material in the official guide. It contains specific advice and recommendations about third party program links, system software, Document Management and essential conversion steps for Time Matters 15.

Upgrading from all versions of Time Matters with or without Billing Matters is covered.

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Conversion to Version 15 Updates

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