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Full Coverage of Time Matters 15 - the Latest Version

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Overview of Time Matters Features

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TM Mobility
TM Mobility

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AMP - Advice & Info
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(The best discount for an Annual Maintenance Plan is usually 5%, available when you renew online between 15 and 30 days before expiration. Sometimes LexisNexis has a sale for customers with expired AMPs, offering a reduction in the upgrade fee. If your AMP is expired, call us and we can let you know about any current sales.)

To continue to benefit from upgrades, live LexisNexis Technical Support, TM Mobility access, and Secure Document Sharing, you need to keep an Annual Maintenance Plan in force. You receive our comprehensive Conversion Guide for free when you are our customer.

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Annual Maintenance Plan - Advice and Info

Read my advice and analysis on the Annual Maintenance Plan subscription. Why should you subscribe? What happens if you do not? How do you get the best deal?

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Get Our Comprehensive Guide for Free

Our customers get our detailed, illustrated conversion guide for Time Matters Version 15 for free. This guide goes beyond the LexisNexis installation guide, warning you about potential pitfalls and advising you on what to do before you upgrade. The guide sells for $95.00, but when you have informed LexisNexis that Wells Anderson is your Time Matters consultant and keep your Annual Maintenance Plan in force, you receive our guide for free.

Conversion to Version 15 is also available for purchase from our website, http://www.activepractice.com/guides

We can help you with your decisions and process. We firmly believe the time and money invested in the right technologies will be more than repaid promptly.

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