Conversion to Version 10

Expert Advice on How to Upgrade to Time Matters 10.0

This comprehensive guide by Wells H. Anderson, J.D., CIC, is indispensable for anyone and any organization planning to upgrade to Time Matters 10.0. Whether or not you work with a consultant, the guide can help save you time and money by informing you and assisting you in preparing for the conversion.

Time Matters has a wide range of customizations, options, and links. This guide provides in-depth conversion advice and instructions. Topics covered include:

  • Planning the Conversion to Version 10
  • Preparing for Conversion
  • Pre-Conversion Clean Up
  • Installation
  • Post Installation
  • Advice about New Features in Time Matters

Conversion to Version 10 supplements the instructions contained in the Install Guide for Time Matters 10.0 by LexisNexis. You will find recommendations, precautions (Heads Up) and details that go beyond the material in the official guide. It contains specific advice and recommendations about hardware for Version 10, system software for Version 10, Document Management and essential backup steps for Version 10.

Upgrading from all versions of Time Matters with or without Billing Matters is covered.

Conversion to Version 10
Expert advice on how to upgrade and what to do before and after conversion.
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If you purchased your Annual Maintenance Plan through us, the guide is yours at no charge. Please contact us if you have not received it.

Updates to:  Conversion to Version 10

Run the Data Indexer Automatically (4/15/2010)

See our post on how to run the Time Matters Data Indexer or a particular computer to prevent slow-downs on other computers. The Data Indexer powers the Search Box and Conflicts Search.
Click here for more...

MS SQL Server 2008 Express Installation - Caution! (3-26-2010)

If you are going to install MS SQL Server 2008 Express instead of MS SQL Server 2005 Express, be sure to see our post about how to install MS SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server Management Studio Express. Click here for more...

Apply Service Pack 2 before Customizing TM_Backup (3-17-2010)

Heads Up: This precaution applies to very few offices - only those that have customized the backup stored procedure in Time Matters 10 before installing Service Pack 2.  If you are converting to Time Matters 10, it is best to download the lastest installation file, setupe.exe, before upgrading. If you have previously installed Time Matters 10, before Service Pack 2, or if you install Version 10 from an older setupe.exe file, it is important to customize TM_Backup (if that is part of your backup plan) after installing Service Pack. Most offices do not customize TM_Backup, so this precaution probably does not apply to you.

A Best Practice is to run an automatic, scheduled backup of the Time Matters database at least every day to a drive other than the MS SQL Server hard drive. One of the best ways to do that is to customize the TM_Backup stored procedure to write Time Matters backup files to a different disk drive. Please contact us if you would like more information about protecting your Time Matters database following this Best Practice.  Click here to send us an e-mail...

MS Word 2007 Settings (3/11/2010)

If you are upgrading to MS Word 2007, you should enable the TM Add-ins (TM Save, TM Open, Insider) and may want to change the default for Word files from .docx to .doc so that people still using Word 2003 (without the .docx converter) can open you documents.

Tip:  Word 2007 Quick Reference Guide (PDF) - click here

To set MS Word 2007 to use .doc for documents instead of .docx:

  1. Open MS Word 2007 and click on the Office button (big button, upper left).
  2. Click: Word Options button (bottom center)
  3. Click the Save option (left side)
  4. Click the drop-down by Save files in this format
  5. Select: Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)

To quickly enable the TM Add-ins in MS Word 2007 after installing Version 10:
Heads Up:  This change exposes your computer to macro viruses. Better see the next section.

  1. Open MS Word 2007 and click on the Office button (big button, upper left).
  2. Click: Word Options button (bottom center)
  3. Click: Trust Center
  4. Click: Trust Center Settings
  5. Select: Enable all macros
  6. Close and reopen MS Word 2007

The safest practice is to keep the MS Word 2007 Macro Settings at Disable all macros with notification. But with that setting, when you try to use a TM Add-in like TM Save you will get this dreaded error message:

Microsoft Office Word
The macro cannot be found or has been disabled beacuse of your Macro security settings.

You can stay safe and eliminate the error message by safely enabling the TM Add-ins.

To safely enable the TM Add-ins in MS Word 2007:

  1. Open MS Word 2007 and click on the Office button (big button, upper left).
  2. Click: Word Options button (bottom center)
  3. Click: Add-ins (left side)
  4. Click on (near top). Toward the bottom, you should see:
    Location: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\STARTUP\
    Your location may be slightly different. Make a note of the location.
  5. Click: Trust Center
  6. Click: Trust Center Settings
  7. Click: Trusted Locations
  8. Click: Add new location... (button at bottom)
  9. Type in the location from Step 4 or browse to it.
  10. Press: OK, OK, OK
  11. Close and reopen MS Word

Installing on Windows7 and Windows Vista (3/11/2010)

To install on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, it is best to turn off User Account Control. To turn off UAC:
(Includes Windows 7 - A tip of the hat to Mark Deal, CIC, for the link.)

To run the setupe.exe program to install Time Matters, it is best to right-click on setupe.exe and choose Run as Administrator.

Recommended MS Windows Versions  (1/22/2010)

For 2 to 9 users, we recommend Windows XP, Windows Server or Microsoft Small Business Server, but not Windows 7, on the main Time Matters 10 computer or server. Windows 7 currently can be problematic when serving as the main Time Matters computer on a small network.

For more than 9 users we recommend Windows Server 2008 or Microsoft Small Business Server on a new server, though Windows Server 2003 is fine. Be aware that Windows Server 2008 is more secure than its predecessors and can take more time to configure.

For a one-user office without a network, we recommend Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

For workstations, the user PCs, we recommend Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, though Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit are all fine. Be sure to download the latest Time Matters 10 software before you install TM10. You need at least TM10 Service Pack 1 for Windows 7.

Fixing a Connectivity Issue on a Windows 7 PC - Port 1433  (1/22/2010)

After installing Time Matters 10 on a Windows 7 PC, you could experience a problem in connecting to the main Time Matters database on another computer. A fix for the issue may be to add port 1433, the typical MS SQL Server port, to the Time Matters 10 File Locations on the Windows 7 PC.

To add port 1433 to File Locations:

  1. Go to: Start | All Programs | LexisNexis | Time Matters 10 File Locations
  2. Click the blue triangle icon.
  3. To the right of the Main SQL Server field, click the lookup button.
  4. In SQL Server Name, type  ,1433  after the entry, for example:
  5. Press: OK, OK, Close

If Time Matters still cannot open on the PC, you may need to add Port 1433 to the firewall on the main Time Matters computer. The instructions for that addition vary with the firewall software.

Windows 64-Bit Data Import Issue  (1/7/2010)

Update:  5/18/2010 - We have encountered no problems importing into Time Matters on 64-bit computers.

Obsolete Text: [When converting to Version 10 on a server or main computer running a 64-bit version of MS Windows, you may encounter an issue when importing the records from your old version of Time Matters. The work-around is to install the Time Matters software on a workstation that is running a 32-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (or on a virtual machine). Perform the import from the workstation.]

Installing Time Matters 10 on MS Small Business Server 2008 Standard  (1/7/2010)

Are you installing Time Matters 10 on Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 Standard and do not yet have MS SQL Server installed? Before starting the TM10 installation, we recommend that you download and install MS SQL Server 2005 Express SP3, MS SQL Server 2008 Express, or for more users, a paid version of SQL Server.

Be sure to download the correct version of MS SQL Server Express. It comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If installing MS SQL Server 2005 Express, we recommend downloading the SP3 installer.

MS SQL Server 2005 Express SP3 download page:
32bit download:  SQLEXPR32.EXE
64bit download:  SQLEXPR.EXE  (Required if installing on Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 machine)

MS SQL Server 2008 Express download page:

Caveat:  Installing the 2008 version is more complicated than the 2005 version. See our Conversion to Version 10 guide for more information on these version.

Download the .NET Update to Save Time (1/7/2010)

The guide explains how to check to see if you need the .NET update. The TM10 installer will apply the update if you need it, but it will slow you down by downloading a big file on each PC where you install TM10. To save time, download the update first and then run it on each PC.

To download the update, click this link:

Revised 7/14/2010:
This link goes directly to the 230 MB .exe file for installing .NET 3.5 SP1

Or you may follow these instructions:

Click "Download it now" button.

At the next screen, DO NOT click the "Download" button.

Instead, scroll down to Instructions / Full Package.

Click: .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (Full Package)

Click: Save File

You may save the file to a folder on your server and run it from any PC.

Install the .NET Update

If a PC needs the update, double-click on dotnetfx35.exe to install it.


Issue: TM10 will not open after SP1 install  (12/15/2009)

We have seen this issue on Microsoft Small Business Server 2008. It may occur on Windows 7 and possibly other versions of Windows.

To troubleshoot:
To confirm that this fix will resolve the problem, you may look in the Windows Event logs for SideBySide Error 33. It is described as:
"Activation context generation failed for "C:\Program Files (x86)\LexisNexis\Time Matters\tmckzip.dll". Dependent Assembly Microsoft.VC80.CRT,processorArchitecture="x86&­#034;,publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",t­ype="win32",version="8.0.50727.4053&­#034; could not be found. Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis"

1.    Go here for information:
2.    Follow links to the appropriate Visual C++ Redistributable package & install it.
Direct link to download file:
3.    Uninstall v10, (Optional? Remove registry key for TM  and rename LexisNexis folder.)
4.    Reinstall Time Matters with the SP1 setup file.